It is so hard to loose a devoted companion.  Our buddy Bo passed away very suddenly on April 20, 2013.  We were devastated at this loss. People have a way of describing their beloved pet as the best dog they ever had.  He had personality, good looks, great temperament and just a guy you loved to have around!  Well now we say the same thing about our Bo.  He was one of a kind.  Had the personality that was almost human.  We had so many good talks together and he would look at me like I was the most terrific person in his universe.  He was well behaved, loved to go on walks and rides in the car.  He gave us some very good puppy's that will keep his legacy alive.  If only we would have kept one of his male puppy's!  We will always think of him with extreme fondness and love.
Hannah was the girl that started us on this journey.  She was the best dog anyone could have hoped for.  (That is when she was an adult!)  She was a terror as a puppy.  Can't name everything we had to replace! Since she was the first, she got to sleep with us, what a big body pillow!!  I have to say that when she was older she was the dominate female because whenever anyone of the dogs had a problem they would run to Hannah.  Even our little ones would cuddle up the Big Momma Hannah!  We will always remember our first Bullmastiff and the fun times we had with her.  We loved her and she loved us right back.  What a feeling!!!
Jake was our very first Bullmastiff Male.  We got him after we decided we liked this Bullmastiff Puppy stuff.  He was such a handsome guy.  He had the Mastiff face.  He loved his kids.  He would play with the puppy's and miss them when they were gone.  He loved to go everywhere with my husband, that included McDonald's.  They would take me to work and then stop and get something to eat like a Cheese McMuffin.  They were two buddy's just hangin' out together. Does it sound like we spoil our companions?  Yes I think they deserve it!  Just have to make sure they don't take advantage of you :-)
LEXIS  2008-2017
Lexis was our second Bullmastiff female.  She was such a good girl even as a puppy.  She gave us wonderful babies.  Our girl Gabby was from her second litter of 12 puppies.  She was very good to the last three new puppies we have.  They all thought she was their mommy and she was very tolerant of them.  She is missed but know she is in a good place.  We love you Lexi